The story of Villa Mandoo goes back to 1954 in City Island, New York when Bob’s father, Reginald Morgan, bought a 65’ 1937 John Alden schooner named Mandoo.   A lover of the sea, Mr. Morgan sailed the Mandoo down to the Caribbean where in 1964 he found the perfect piece of land on which to build a winter home.  At that time there was no road up to the property on Trouya Point, so he built a road along with the house, and brought the water up from the main road……all with only a generator and the help of a truckload of local workers.  When Mr. Morgan passed away in 1988, he chose to be buried at sea, not far from the beloved villa we have named Mandoo in his memory. 

Over the years, Villa Mandoo has been the site of many family get togethers, including a wedding!   Each year we look forward to our family reunion:  Bob’s son Brett, his wife, and their two daughters aged 2 & 4; his daughter Cara and her husband with their sons aged 6 months and 21/2 years.  We might even get Ellie’s Mom (who won’t tell us how old she is) to join us.  After they leave we make sure we have time to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of having Villa Mandoo to ourselves! We really mean it when we say that the villa is suitable groups of all sizes and ages!!